TOP 12 ABS Exercises That Will Never Disappoint You!

Craving for the jaw dropping toned abs that you always see? Of course, almost everyone dreamed of having that kind of physique, but only some have the guts to achieve it. And when you’re already on your own journey of getting that figure, some unfavorable and slow result will just keep you off-track and disappointed.

If you think that achieving those mesmerizing abs is still on a long road, then you came to the right source. It’s easy to get that physique if you know where exactly to start and where to focus. And the answer is: working out your abs. This will be your foundation to an enhanced sports performance, and while you do some abs exercises, you’re also building a functional strength of your abdominal.

To accomplish quick and better results, you need to question yourself, “What are the Best ab workouts that I can do?” One study tested the electromyography (EMG) workout results gathered by prominent abs exercises, and it showed that not all abs exercise have equal impact.

Here, we’ve rounded up the 12 abs exercise that will never disappoint you:

1. Feet Off

It’s no secret as to why this abs exercise is called “feet off.” This is simply because, throughout the exercise, your feet won’t touch the ground. Feet off will never disappoint you in working out those muscles found in your lower abdominal region.

  • Get yourself on the ground.
  • Raise your legs in a 90 degrees position.
  • Place your hands in your head.
  • Lift your chest and try to keep it nearer to your knees.
  • Repeat the whole process.

2. Side Heel Touch

This is considered as an abs exercise because it is a calisthenics workout the aims for your abdominal. Aside from that, you won’t be needing any material or equipment to execute this. Your position and movement in this workout aid your sexual function.In short, this is a pelvic exercise which is one of the most effective exercise for erectile dysfunction.

  • Get yourself on the floor.

Note: Make sure that the bending of your knees is pointed upwards. Also, check if your feet are separated at least 18 inches while your arms are stretched on the sides.

  • Twist your body while moving forward at around three to four inches going to the left side to touch your left heel.

Note: Don’t be bothered by the contraction. Instead, hold it and breathe out when you execute this.

  • Go back to your base position.
  • Do the same process on the other side.

3. Cross Elbow to Knee

Among the abs exercises that are listed here, this might be the easiest exercise to execute. These abs exercise aims for your obliques which are the muscles found in the traverse portion of your abdominals. Also, it stabilizes your core very well.

  • Get yourself on the ground.
  • Bring your hands at the back of your head.
  • Lift your body while putting your right shoulder and elbow through your body. At the same period, carry your left knee headed for your right shoulder.

Note: As much as possible, make sure that your knees and elbows meet or move closer to each other.

  • Do the same thing on the other side.