10 of the Best & Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises (Full Body Workout)

Simple bodyweight exercises can be a great choice for achieving gains in strength, building muscle, boosting cardiovascular fitness and burning fat.

Using your own body weight is a great way of challenging any fitness level due to easy modification of exercises – the possibilities are endless! Adding extra repetitions, performing the exercises faster or super-slow, and perfecting form are a few ways to make even the simplest exercise more challenging. Progress is also easy to measure, since bodyweight exercises offer endless ways to do a little more in each workout.

The following exercises can be performed for as long or short as desired/possible. Between 30-60 seconds would be sufficient. Alternatively, complete 30-seconds of each exercise with no rest for the ultimate fat-burning circuit. Repeat until failure!

Start off with a powerful, ever-so-slightly difficult move. Why not?

mountain climbers

a) Start off in a press-up position with arms straight underneath you.

b) Bend your right knee and bring it up in the direction of your right hand. At this point, you should be in a similar position to the one you would be in if you were climbing a mountain (creative, huh?)

c) After bringing your right knee up, return it to the original position and do the same step with your left leg.

d) Continue to repeat the process.

You’ll love these…


a) Stand upright with arms to sides. Bend forward and squat down, placing your hands on floor slightly wider than shoulder width.

b) While holding upper body in place, kick legs back.

c) Land on forefeet with body in straight, plank position. Keeping upper body in place, pull legs forward under body returning feet in original position.

d) Rise up to original standing posture – continue to repeat the process.

It might look easy but let’s see what your core thinks.

wall sit

a) Stand in front of a wall (about 2 feet in front of it) and lean against it.

b) Slide down until your knees are at about 90-degree angles and hold, keeping the abs contracted.

c) You should aim to hold the position for as long as possible.

d) Rise, rest and repeat.

Real classy move, this one. Just pretend you’ve dropped your phone in the dark.

bear crawl

a) Start on your hands and feet with your knees bent.

b) Start walking forward on your hands and feet, moving your right leg with your left arm and left leg with your right arm.

c) Continue for the desired distance.

d) Rest and repeat until failure.

Variation: The plank can also be performed with arms extended effectively holding the start of a push up position.

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